Delete my Lua Startup from command line

Does anyone have a way to delete my Lua Startup from command line?
I was trying to configure a serial device and was copy/pasting “luup.reload()” into the Run Lua box, when I think once I accidently copy/pasted it into the Lua Startup section…

Now I can’t hit the web interface anymore, I only get “Luup engine is taking longer to reload.”
I can log into the Vera via ssh, and am wondering if there is a way to delete that start up file from the command line.

There is but it’s tricky.
Search for:
editing /etc/cmh user_data.json.lzo

You need to SSH to do this.

Awesome, Thank you.

I did see the command in that file, as a result of a geep, but wasn’t sure since it was compressed if that was just a backup.

I am back in business now. Just in case anyone else has the issue here is what I did…

cd /etc/cmh
pluto-lzo d user_data.json.lzo user_data.json
vi user_data.json
#I did a search for StartupCode, made my edits. Saved, then

pluto-lzo c user_data.json user_data.json.lzo
rm user_data.json