Decisions... Homeseer Dimmer, Leviton, GE, lost. Am I over thinking this...

So after a tremendous amount of helpful info from integlikewhoa (who is a master of knowledge and I can’t thank enough for his insight on Vera / Swithces / Wiring / Etc). I’m still debating and wanted to get some other opinions or thoughts. I’m remodeling and need to put about 15 switches in, right now I’m on VeraPlus, I was originally planning on all GE dimmers, but then was leaning to a better quailty more direct feature rich switch, Leviton. THEN, after reading about the Homeseer WD100, and the double triple taps, I was thinking to pull the trigger on them. I know that VERA doesn’t support any features of the Homeseer WD100 other than it’s basic dimming, no instant status or double/triple taps, but was going to go with them JUST in case down the road I decided to switch platforms or if VERA decides to integrate those switches. Anyways… Need to pull trigger this week. THOUGHTS?

This seems like sound thinking. So long as you don’t have any expectation that Vera will support these features soon/ever you won’t be disappointed.

I am slowly replacing older Evolve switches which I installed in my home with HomeSeer dimmers and switches. I also wrote a feature-rich plugin which exposes more functionality in these devices than probably anyone at HomeSeer thought possible. Please check it out.

New scene controller plugin