dead Vera

I have an apparently dead Vera2 running UI2. Something went south trying to clear the z-wave network and now it will only respond to a ping when I have it in service mode (if that’s the right term - red/green power light flashing). I have read the posts about reflashing it using the tool and procedure at but no luck. On my Win7 and Vista boxes the upgrade tool says it doesn’t see any interfaces and reports a broadcast error. Documentation on this seems pretty sketchy to non-existant.

Any tips on what to do next? My email to tech support (via the MCV website) haven’t even been acknowledged and it’s been almost 24 hours. I was hoping to get things set up at my vacation home on a trip next week but it’s looking doubtful now. Vera has been great until now but I see now how people are getting quickly turned off from Vera when they hit a problem like this.

  • Scott

When you tried to run the update tool, did you right click and run as administrator in Windows 7? You should be able to use your web browser to hit and see if Vera responds. The Post also presumes that your home network Gateway is and depending on how you set up you network, you may need to alter these settings to actually find your Vera in the set-up process.