DBMZ calibration?

I am trying to follow the calibration instructions for a DBMZ DC motor controller hooked up to a window motor… but it is not working.

It doesn’t cycle through the positions like it should when following the instructions. It just reaches the limit of the motor and keeps trying to push past its binding point.

What type of DC motor? Does it have progressive screw limits (usually a set of plastic hex socket screws), or does it have push button limits?

It has to be a “dumb” voltage controlled, mechanical limit motor to work with the DBMZ. If it has mechanical limits, the DBMZ motor controller shouldn’t be able to push past them.

The motors do not have internal limits or set screws. It’s a rotary motor for opening windows/skylights.


The circuitry that comes with them detects a rise in voltage to program limits of windows. However, that circuitry is overly complicated and would require way too much wiring/drywall work and I would end up way more control boxes than necessary to do what I want. I was hoping to bypass them with simple DC controllers.

They open/close fine with the DBMZ, I just need a way to program the limits properly. Are there any other controllers out there that might work better?