DayNight Plugin

Is there any way to “support” the DayNight Plugin ?

I guess pretty much everybody do use it, so it wont be a onegeekshoot :wink:

I have avirtual switch now and 2 scenes switching the plugin and back, just for homewave use, since the scenes-status the daynight do actually execute is not exactly reliable to check on.

Or you have another suggestion hot to make the day/night status show?

If you just want to see the status, you can add a Multi value control and link it to the day/night device. It will say on/off rather than day/night.

Next version will support the plugin fully as an on/off switch.

i will leave with the virtual switch for the time beeing then … and remove it once the new version is out

any estimate on the new version ? need a LabRat to test it ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The new version will be out in a few weeks, I’m wrapping up the last details and the beta testers haven’t reported anything major so far.

Any chance of throwing in support for the PLEG plugin? I need access to the Arm/Bypass buttons, this is how I enable and disable the auto relock for my doors.

Shouldn’t be too hard. I haven’t used this set of plugins yet but I’ve been eyeing them to see if they can replace some of my Luup coded scenes.

It should be pretty simple. Richard uses the arm and bypass buttons very similar to the security sensors but using his service id.

  • Garrett