Date back in 1970


It often happens that my date and time are incorrect on my vera plus.
I was told that it sets time at boot time and if it cannot connect to the internet at that moment, the date is set incorrectly.

However, even if I reboot my vera, the date and time are still incorrect.
I have to manually ssh to the vera and issue the following command multiple times until it is updated :

ntpd -p

It seems to happen every saterday morning though… I don’t know what’s wrong.
It’s very annoying because my scripts intended to run at day/night are messed up of course…

Any idea?

Interesting, I seem to have the same issue…was wondering where it got the day from when I did a backup and it kept saying the backup was from 1st Jan 1970…

I think I have ran into every single bug on this device…(call it unlucky)

Vera uses the Unix Epoch for recording time. A value of 0 represents the time: 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
So the message is basically telling you that the time was not set!