dataMine2 and DataYours Showcase

Hello to all dataMine2 and DataYours users.

I sometimes find myself wondering where the future of home automation will lead to and what the requirements of home automation will be in the future but I soon realised that I don’t really know what people are trying to do now and whether their systems are meeting their needs.

With this in mind, I thought it might be nice for people to post some screenshots of what they are doing with dataMine2 and DataYours with a few words on what they use it for. For example, I like to know about my gas and electricity costs including the fixed monthly tariff so I can make the right decision about what tariff I should be on (they seem to change so often and I never seem to be on the best one!) In fact the whole reason I bought an energy monitor was because my energy supplier messed up my tariff and overcharged me by hundreds of pounds.

I suppose that I have three major monitoring areas, examples below:

[ol][li]environmental - graph of the last year’s temperature and humidity in the house loft (attic)[/li]
[li]security - state of a number of alarm sensors over a number of days[/li]
[li]system - CPU load for a Vera over a few hours (including reload, of course!)[/li][/ol]

@akbooer - nice graphs :slight_smile: but I had rather hoped to get more of a response from everyone else! This is your chance to show off what you are doing and help influence the direction of the plug-ins.

To keep the post alive for a bit longer, here is another graph that I like to use to compare the time that my heating is on for each day compared to the previous week or month. Apologies for the slightly garish theme I selected for this one!

Hi, I’m an irregular forum visitor and just found this thread - I’ll post some detail on how I use Datamine to track my home heating system performance when I’m home later. Would be nice to think more people who use this great product can find some time to give you some feedback too…