Datamine suddenly disables all channels?!?

Hi guys,

has anyone seen this before?

I was monitoring 32 channels, all working fine. Went to check my energy usage graph today and it didn’t display.

Checked the parameters and USB still mounted, it says there is lots of free room on the USB etc

it now says 0 channels logging and the saved graphs are gone!!!

Has anyone seen this before?


Yes after a hard restart. After a luup reload it all works again. Maybe it is a timing thing after a hard restart of a Vera, but have not investigated really. I know I have to look for it.

Cheers Rene

Could this have been from me rebooting it from the “net and Wi-Fi” menu then?

I’ve added the channels again and some of them are working fine however some of the data is massively confused.

Unless my son’s bedroom is varying between 200 and 500 degrees.

I’m not sure what to do other that format the USB and lose months of data.

I am not logging on USB as that has cost me my data a few times. I log to a CIFS share. As said each time this happened a simple luup reload would make datamine read the configurations again and resume logging. When you recreate the configuration, I guess it can(will) happen your new definition maps to the same folder as a previous one and pulls in those values into the graph.

You may be better of restoring an old config file. Datamine keeps a whole bunch of them. If they are lost, rebuilding the data is a pain. However, start with copying the existing database folders to a new place, and after you rebuild the config you can do a lot of detective work to copy the weekly files from the saved folders back to your new folder structure. Tedious work.

good luck.

Cheers Rene