Datamine and Nortq NQ-9021

I have NQ-9021. It reads my mechanical disc on my power meter. It counts rounds. Datamine get this count. The graph is getting linear and i’m not able to see how much energy was used since last reading. I hope someone has an idea to grt thistk work. I have other power readers reporting current usage.

There is a NorthQ plugin which generates current usage from the total reading of the meter. Discussed in several places on the forum. Search should find it, ask again if not.

If you could provide a link it would be very nice! :slight_smile:

Update:Found it (I think.)

Yes, that’s the one. You might also be interested in an easy hack to make the power reading appear on the NorthQ device rather than the plugin. Here,16082.msg122857.html#msg122857