DataMine 2 not graphing some variables

I am currently graphing 18 variables and everything has been working ok.

Recently 5 of the variables have started displaying flat lines on the graphs, the remainder are graphing normally.

Looking through the debug output, the variables that are not displaying correctly (Ids 1,2,4,6,19) all have errors of the form

Ignoring corrupt line in file /dataMine/database/19/raw/2424.txt :'14660'2133,158' <0x2db80680>

They are coming from different types of input devices, so there is no common problem from the device type.

Any ideas why

  1. The variables have just started to display flat lines?
  2. How the data corruption is getting into the different data files?


Hi @Woodside

looking on the log, it looks like some real junk has got in your log files. Given there doesn’t seem to be a pattern to it, I suspect it is disk corruption. I see you are on a USB stick, is it possible to replace the stick and copy all the files over to it from the old disk?

Hi ConstantSphere,

I agree regarding the corruption.

I have already copied the files off the USB stick reformatted it back to fat32 and copied the files back. The outcome is the same.

In essence, I am just copying the corrupted files back ???

Would it be any different copying to another stick?

The corruption is in the older files and does not appear to be happening on the current files.

The debug output indicates that dataMine2 is ‘ignoring’ the corruption. Even though it is ‘ignoring’ it, do you think that is causing it to not display the graphs?

Hi @Woodside - reformatting your USB stick and copying the files back is unlikely to protect you from having the problem again. You’d be safer replacing it.

As for getting your data back, you might like to try editing the files directly (say from a windows machine). The log entries will tell you exactly which lines in which files need to be edited. By looking at the previous and following lines you might be able to guess what the corrected line should be - they are all of the format timestamp,value. You can calculate timestamps at

Depending on how bad the corruption is, it’s certainly possible that it could stop the graph displaying at all.

Hi ConsantSphere,

Ironically, this is a brand new USB stick (Kingstone 8GB SE9 G2). I bought a supposedly better quality one to replace the cheaper one I had been using!!

I will have a go at finding and editing the corrupt entries. Interestingly for me, this is a good reason to stick with fat32 format. It is so much easier (for me at least) to edit the files directly on a Windows machine. It was so time consuming trying to do it with an ext3 formatted stick.

I would certainly appreciate any guidance on the best USB sticks to use with a Vera 3.