Dashboard wont load after new controller setup

I have just setup my VeraPlus for the first time.
I got through the new controller setup just fine but when I clicked on go to dashboard all I get is the Vera logo on the left and a loading icon. It has been “loading” for over an hour.

Can I unplug the controller and try again? or is there something better I can try?

Hello automizer,

I’ve just checked your Vera unit and it seems to be connected and communicating with Vera servers but seems to be running a Vera old firmware version.
[font=Verdana][size=1em]You can either navigate and open the interface by it’s local IP (need to be in the same location), and try to manually update the firmware.[/size][/font][/font]
[font=verdana][size=1em]This should be an easy fix for our Customer Care team as well if you reach them (contact details in signature).[/size][/font]

P.S. Leave the unit connected. No need to power cycle at this moment.

Hello John

Thank you for looking into my specific unit.
I will contact the Customer Care team as I am trying to connect to it directly with the local IP. I am concerned it may be how I have my home network setup.
I will leave the unit connected.

Thanks again for your help.