Dashboard login behaviour

What’s the deal with logging in to Vera? I have a browser shortcut to get into my Vera dashboard. Often it will launch straight into the dash, allow me to do some things, but then suddenly it’ll boot me out and tell me I have to be logged in? Then I log in and all is fine again. Seems weird that from a security POV it lets me in to muck about (including running LUA code) then wakes up to the fact that maybe it should thing about checking my credentials!

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That’s because your controller may have the “secure” option disabled.
Keep in mind that if you check this box, your Vera will only be accessible through the relay servers and always ask for a login. Local IP access will also be completely disabled.

So this is correct behaviour? OK, thanks for clarifying.

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The default behavior is with the checkmark as “unsecure” because although secure, it’s very restrictive for the user and maybe annoying that one has to always log in through the cloud to their controller.