Dashboard Button Width

Hello All,

Quick question, what/where is the correct tags to use in the static json file to make a button on the dash board appear twice as wide as the standard width.

The “width” tags in the display section only impact the display on the Control Tab, not in the dash board.


Not sure that you can. The spacing/location is part of SceneGroup and ControlGroup. I don’t see any option to change the size of a button on the dashboard though.

The width property is supposed to work but doesn’t. I remember asking MCV about this a year or two ago and being told it was unimplemented.

Wow, really? No way to size the button on the dashboard panel? So if I want a single button with a fairly descriptive text, it won’t fit and can’t be done. Bizarre.

You can put text on the dashboard so you may just have to place text above/below your buttons.