Danfoss Living, new release no longer supporting Z-Wave!

It seems Danfoss has released a new version of Danfoss Living (014G0002) in August which no longer supports Z-Wave, the Z-Wave logo has also been removed ….

Hi JensFup :slight_smile: (DK)

I heard rumors, that Danfoss will be releasing 2 types of Living Connect Thermostats.

1 only supporting their own controller and 1 with Z-wave support.

The rumor i not yet confirmed. What i don’t understand is, that the firmware is changed to remove z-wave support in the existing model range, and a new one is created to support Z-wave. Sounds a bit upside down to me…

/Eddie (DK)

Hi Eddie (from DK).

I really hope your right with that rumour……, personally I’m not convinced, I want to see (read) it before I believe it. Meanwhile, I will have to send them back my newly purchased Danfoss Living thermostats.

I don’t get it, why does Danfoss want to split it up in two products; it will give them a lot of snags, like backward compatibility, confusion in the market, extra stock management, and so on…. I simply don’t get it.

Additional, why is Danfoss introducing this the silently way, from one day to the other, without preparing the market. Releasing the “improved” version, but not the z-wave version at the same time…. I simply don’t get it.

I hope Danfoss will step up and bring a bit of light into this mystery.

/ Jens


Se her/look here: http://forum.fibaro.com/viewtopic.php?p=5971&sid=010d76745a8f913a73ee58a1063e5e8e#5971

Hello. We are aware. Danfoss decided to create new version of thermostates which is only compatible with Danfoss Living Connect Wall controller. They will start supplying former version ( zwave compatible ) in the end of September, so everything will go back to normal.

Hi. I just realized that I bought 8 Dannfoss thermostats with the wrong firmware version 3.02. Is there any way to downgrade the FW to the z-wave compatible version 2.50?

Ah. Sounds like you have a newer version. I have been waiting for a newer firmware model to address the panic mode issue that the 2.51 variants have.

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