Danfoss Living Connect(z-wave) - Sometime they "unmounts"= 100% flow:(


I have started notice that sometime some of my Danfoss Living Connect Thermostats loses grip even with fresh batteries.
That gives me a 100% flowing radiator.

They are just loose and easy to rotate. I can then unmount them “M”(longpress). And after that re-mout them where the thermostat tightens and turn flow off as expected. But then next time I check they a lose again.

What could be wrong ? Ideas are welcome :slight_smile:


Which version of the Danfoss units do you have? You can check in the Vera UI: open the device, Advanced → Variables, look at VersionInfo.

The older versions of the Danfoss TRV were prone to losing connection with Vera and going into panic mode. If this happens, the valve opens, probably with the idea that a hot room is better than burst pipes in winter.

They fixed this in version LC13, which is VersionInfo 6,3,67,x,x if I recall correctly


So sounds like I have that problem. They should all be fairly close to the Vera. But I did notice that some of(if not all) was displaying the antenna icon, even if I have not seen any issues with setting/regulating them.

So can we update the FW ?


Unfortunately no. Over time I have replaced my pre LC13 valves and with a veraplus and vera edge I have not had a problem with Danfoss TRVs since.

Hmm, is there any idea why they do this, not the panic mode, but is it a poll issue/antenna/noise issue ? Or is it “random” ??
And can we get any info when it has entered into panic mode so I at least can read that and ping me ?


I never figured out a good way to cope with this issue… I bit the bullet and replaced the TRVs to the tune of ?400 :frowning:

For me, 470ish DDK, thats 35% increase in price since I bought them. Thought tech was supposed to be cheaper by the year. And even if we have 1+1=2 years warrenty/reclamation on them in Denmark. We should be able to get them exchanged/fixed whenever, since it is a fault that was present from day 1. (yeah, good luck with that:(

Ohh well, never trust technology :slight_smile:


I have a bunch of Danfoss valves, mixed old and new. The only way that I have found to make them work is running them all on a separate Vera lite (UI 5) with z-wave 2.78. This is because they require the controller to be Suc otherwise they run into panic mode and eat your batteries. Also, at least with UI 5, running scenes with the TRVs cause the Vera to grind to a halt if you have anything but battery TRVs on the network…