Cyberpower UPS Plugin

Hello I’ve started to read through the forums re: developing a plugin and I do have scripting and development experience, so I should be able to pull off a basic plugin after having decoded some of the existing LZO files after figuring out how to SSH over. Anyhow I just ordered a Cyberpower UPS off of amazon, and if possible I’d like to make a plugin using the RS232 to USB adapters that work with the Vera. If anyone knows the best template to start with for this purpose, please advise. Similarly if anyone has already started a similar plugin I should be aware of let me know. I see the outdated APC one, but I’m more interested in starting from scratch using something that is up-to-date and streamlined, as I really only want to do a few quite simple things with this plugin. Also helpful would be a wishlist of what this should contain if anyone else is interested.

Thanks for your assistance.

Ever get this working?

I’d be interested too.
It was easy on their v1.3 RM cards, however something changed on their v2.0 cards and seemingly Cyberpower don’t know either (what that change was).