CW's IDIOT GUIDE - To Ezlo platform HTTP API commands aka Luup Requests

@Oleh @Ioana So i tested a scene where when motion is detected to flip a virtual switch and when stops to turn it off. So its working… The display in IOS app is just not working.

@cw-kid, about PART6

  1. Please use “$URL” to avoid truncation of a query in Bash shell:
  2. Please, use the “armed” property of a command, not “value”, replace “value_bool” with “armed_bool”.

curl --insecure --http1.1 “
curl --insecure --http1.1 “

hub.device.armed.set WS example:
“method”: “hub.device.armed.set”,
“id”: “ID”,
“params”: {
“_id” : “OBJECT_ID”,
“armed”: true,

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Thanks I can confirm the disarm commands now work, I have updated that section of the guide.

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Hi @cw-kid,

Small addition to the guide. If you want to be able to send commands to the Ezlo hub without needing a password you must use method hub.offline.anonymous_access.enabled.set. You still have to use https and the --insecure option.

The method hub.offline.insecure_access.enabled.set allows plain http access, i.e. not using SSL. So you can use curl --http1.1 “http://…”

I would leave the SSL option on unless you cannot use https for some reason.

Cheers Rene

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HTTP commands were not working for me initially they are now however.

I have updated Part 2 here, with the new information about HTTP commands vs HTTPS.


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