Currentcost not seeing PL-2303

I have a Vera lite with a current cost connected. I installed the app (ver 28) and it was working OK. I had some issues so removed and re installed the app. Now I am unable to set up the serial connection, on the connection tab in the device I am not given the option to set up the PL-2303 device, RS232 just says none.

I am remote from the unit so limited in what I can do? Any suggestions on what I can check would be great.

Just in case there is a bug in the plugin’s “Connect” tab preventing your USB adapter from being listed:

See if the serial device is visible from Apps > Develop Apps > Serial Port Configuration. If it’s missing from there then Vera itself has lost the serial connection. That would be most likely because of a physical problem that you would need to be on-site to correct.

If your serial device is listed, perhaps it is connected to another Vera device instead. One of the fields on the aforementioned page lets you choose which Vera device the serial port connects to. What does it say?

Hi Futzle, The RS232 is not showing up in the tab you suggest. I am not on site again for a month so it looks like it will have to wait. I bit powering it all off and back on will fix it !

I bet you’re right. I’ve experienced the same thing on occasion with my Vera lite’s USB port, which contains a USB Z-Wave dongle. Not even a soft reboot would do it because the USB port stayed powered up the whole time and wouldn’t reset. Only physically disconnecting the power would fix it.