Current status for the use Absolute Schedules

Hi all,

This is an old topic I know but I am struggling to make a yearly schedule using Absolute date. Some issues have been identified here and there but I am still not clear about the current status of the use of Absolute date

Can someone shed some light on the current status (Vera plus, UI7) of the Absolute scheduling. i.e. Working ; not working; what are the problems or limitations.

Are there any alternative to make yearly schedule?

Thanks in advance

Can confirm it’s working. The problem you have may have is that you have used a date that has already passed (even today) and wondered why it hasn’t triggered, this is the most common problem and isn’t addressed in the documentation.
Otherwise you don’t give any indication which gives forum regulars any idea of what your problem is.
Post a Status Report so we can see the overall picture.

Hi zedrally, thank’s for the information. I was indeed, for testing prupose, uning today’s date along with a time in the future. According to what you say it does not work this way. I also agree that it would be nice if the documentation would cover this a little more.

I therefore made a new test using tomorrows date, restarted vera and unfortunately it is still not firing. I have attatched the Status report. I am simply trying to make a yearly schedule starting may 1st of every year 05/01/star (i.e.* not shoing in text after /) and ending October 31 of every year 10/31/star (i.e. * not showing in text after /). For testing purpose, I changed the starting date to the next day. The condition only use that schedule and a scene use that condition to turn a light on. Nothing fancy here, I am just trying to confirm that the yearly schedule using absolute is working. The other schedule that uses Day of the week are working just fine.

Schedule name: s1HydroSummerTime
Condition name: c1ACLowFare

Thank you for any info/help you can provide

Program Logic Event Generator (PLEG)[122].pdf (126.5 KB)

I haven’t had to to go over your PLEG but here is a screenshot of the one I use.
It’s in UI5 but should work in UI7, in any event I’ll check tomorrow.

Here is the UI7 version


We seemed to have a different date format.

Your are using yy-mm-dd and in my case it is dd/mm/yy that pop up in the GUI when creating the absolute schedule. I do not understand why it is different and could it be the root cause of the problem?


Thanks to your screen capture, I just identified the root cause of my problems. It is really a software issue WRT date format in PLEG.

Vera date format: DD/MM/YYYY
Pleg schedule input screen template for absolute date: MM/DD/YY
Pleg schedule listing for column like “Last True” or “Last False”: YYYY-MM-DD

And the winner is: YYYY-MM-DD. The schedule input screen template for absolute date is wrong and apparentely there is no validation made. Ideally, to be consistent, PLEG should install with the format used by VERA. The least would be to correct the input template to the proper format.

One more thing. When performing testing, today’s date can be used IF the time is set somewhere in the future.

Thanks again for your assistance.

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