CT30 With New ZWave Module - No polling?

I have a CT30 thermostat that had problems keeping its’ connection to my Veralite UI7. Per a tip in another thread, I upgraded the radio in the CT30 to the v9.0 USNAP Z-wave module. With the new module in it has been staying connected, however Veralite is not able poll the device. Commands sent from Veralite are received by the CT30 and executed, but if I manually change the mode of the CT30 or change the temp directly on the CT30, Veralite never shows those manual changes. If I tell Veralite to poll the CT30, it tries, but gives a timeout error. I have not dug into the logs yet.

Is this “By Design”? I doubt it, but I do not recall if I had this problem with the old Zwave module. I dont think I did, but not sure.

Anyone encounter this and have an idea for a fix? Thanks!

To follow up, I tried EVERYTHING to get the CT30 with the v9.0 USNAP module to poll, and nothing worked. Switched to a Trane thermostat and everything works perfectly. Ugh.