CT30 in auto mode; no independent heat/cool setpoints

Greetings all,

First post to the forum and excited to be here. I just switched from Iris Smarthome to Vera and moved my two CT30 Tstats.

It appears that when you set your thermostats to AUTO that you only have one setpoint.

Scrooge McDuck isn’t happy with this. Was hoping to set cool setpoints for heating and warm setpoints for cooling when the house is unoccupied. Any advice? Am I missing something?

I hate to say it, but Iris had amazing climate controls.

Welcome to the Vera Site … hope I can help with this. I control my thermostat setting using scenes. I create (add) a scene based upon schedule (time of day) and follow it’s step by step setup process which asks me to select the device (i.e. the thermostat in this case), move the temperature to where I would like it to be and, and after assigning the scene to a location (climate), I save it. This way I can set any number of scenes fine-tuning the temperature as often as I wish and provide a very comfortable environment for my family. Hope this answers your question. If not get back and I’ll see if/how can help.

Thanks for the reply Coticon.

I have setup scenes cooling scenes and have good control over these. And sorry for saying CT30, they are CT101s.

So in my prior Iris system when a Tstat is in automatic mode, I can define a heat setpoint and a cool setpoint. I usually separate these by 6 to 8 degrees Fahrenheit. Right now in Vera if I set the Tstat to auto it will try to maintain the single temperature setpoint within the swing window (+/-1.5F).

PS: working with Vera support to add humidity control to the CT101 right now.