Creating a new plugin for herpstat

I’d like to create a plugin that polls a URL, uses the data to display itself and 1 to N sub devices. I’d like it to allow scenes to be triggered based on the values (=, <, >).

Here’s an example JSON output:

$ curl | jq .

  "system": {
    "nickname": "Herpstat",
    "firmware": 3.2,
    "numberofoutputs": 1,
    "powerresets": 6,
    "internaltemp": 92,
    "internaltempmax": 93,
    "safetyrelay": "OFF (Normal Operation)"
  "output1": {
    "outputnickname": "Lamp",
    "outputmode": "Heat(Dimming)",
    "probereadingTEMP": 94.8,
    "currentsetting": 95,
    "ramping": "Not In Session",
    "endoframpsetting": 95,
    "probereadingTEMPMAX": 95.6,
    "probereadingTEMPMIN": 72.3,
    "probereadingRH": 0,
    "probereadingRHMAX": 0,
    "probereadingRHMIN": 0,
    "poweroutput": 46,
    "poweroutputLIMIT": 100,
    "enablehighlowalarm": 0,
    "highalarm": 90,
    "lowalarm": 60,
    "errorcode": 0,
    "errorcodedescription": "No Errors"

This is a thermostat that has 1 to N probes/outputs.

I’ve having a really hard time figuring out where to get started… maybe some sample weather plugin code that polls for weather?


This is a relatively simple plugin for a solar system that returns a json response and has triggers for > and < GitHub - reneboer/Vera-Enphase-Envoy: Vera plug-in to read your solar energy production from Enphase Envoy

An example of a weather plugin is GitHub - reneboer/DarkSkyWeather: DarkSky Weather plugin for openLuup

Cheers Rene

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