CPU load too high


My Vera shows (with system monitor plugin) a cpu load continiously between 50% and 90%.
Can someone help me to find what’s causing this?

Do you have a lot of cameras ?

Hi Richard
I have 4

Mine is frequently over 1.00 sometimes 1.2 which I think is 120% ? I have 3 cameras. Sometimes my zwave commands take up to 30 seconds to turn something on or off. Very frustrating

How many web clients do you have open ? Viewing cameras eats up a lot of CPU.

I only have 1 web browser open with UI5 while I’m at work. But at least for me I don’t think that’s the problem, I also have the high loads when I am at home and do not have any web browser open. I can tell as the commands take very long (or even get completely lost at times)

One, the one I am looking these values with


I have been using 8 Foscam HD cameras and 43 devices. My vera 3 rarely has a CPU load over .4.


that’s why i called out for help, someone who can read the logs os so…

I noticed cpu around 40-50% with no browser window open, as soon as i open a browser window the cpu increases a lot, over 100% in some cases.
is this because of the camera’s?

Watch your log for a while while there is heavy CPU usage:


Or if you are using ssh to access the Vera console:

tail -f /tmp/log/cmh/LuaUPnP.log

See if you can see what type of activity you have going on.

Okay, will have a look.

What would be a “normal” idle processor use?

A few percent … maybe more with multiple simultaneous events.

For me…i see around 35% most of the time. browser doesn’t seem to matter much… but i do have 6 cameras running.

Richard, wouldn’t a lot of potential potion detection do this as well?

A motion detection is an Event …
So if you have a half dozen kids running around the house all the time … Vera will have more activity.
If your house is quiet (including no browsers displaying cameras) … Vera cpu should be low.

I have quite some devices, detectors etc. many 433mhz devices but that will be no different i suppose…
i also have som virtual panels, weather sensors (433Mhz) so I suppose a constant cpu of 0.5-0.6 is not that strange…
no need to dig through the entire log?

Do they really have that much NEW data that these sensors are sending to Vera ?
Or are they repeating the data over an over ?

Are you looking at Load Average or CPU … different meanings …

i am looking with system monitor… Cpu load last 5 minutes

After updating to 599 it seems the idle CPU usi is about 30%
I also did see values exceeding 2.1 in sytem monitor so i guess it is not real percentage

Sorry, what does this mean?