cp.mios.com down???

Hi guys,

I´m trying to connect to my Vera UI4 Dashboard by cp.mios.com but the site don´t open?!

Can someone reach the site or is it a local problem at my vera?


Must be down. I really wish they’d post notifications here.

Ok, its running now :wink:

Think it was a server problem…


It´s really slow… I dont know whats up with Micasa… server down, buggy firmware (decembre is missing since a few weeks), problems with ACT switches… open/close at my Düwi window covering is switched…

The support is very fast and friendly… but i dont know why theese problems above are not solved yet!!!

Its down for me!!!

still down here :-\

I can get on cp.mios.com, log in and actually pull up the dashboard on my vera1. When I try to pull up the dashboard for my vera2, it tells me page not found. I tried rebooting my vera2 - thinking maybe an issue there, but that didn’t help. Anyone else noticing this right now?