cp.mios.com cannot connect to my vera 1

Yes - it’s a Vera 1 :slight_smile: This started over a month ago, I don’t really connect to cp.mios.com that often, as, I can simply connect to it locally over my home network. I can still bring up the Vera UI webpage by using it’s local IP-address, but, after I login to cp.mios.com and click on Dashboard, it brings up the “Loading data in progess” window, and, eventually it brings up the “Data not loading?” with the options to Setup your network, Upgrade your firmware, etc…

Does anyone know if there’s been a change in cp.mios.com backend that makes it incompatible with the original Vera 1? Needless to say, none of the apps on my phone work anymore either.

I have someone in Technical Support looking into this for you. It should be working.

Just a BTW if you ever choose to upgrade your controller, we often have upgrade programs available for the older controllers so that you can take advantage of new features that can’t be run on the older controllers. Email me if you ever do. If you come from the “if it aint broken don’t fix it” school, that’s cool too.

I tested this today using my cell phone with wifi off, I was able to connect fine. My App is also working. Hopefully something was changed by tech support, since I didn’t change anything (other than add some new scenes to control my Christmas Lights.