Is it just me, or does $29 seem ridiculously high for this app? I mean, at $4.99 I’d have gotten it, but at $29 I’m not sure what the developers are thinking.

You’ll get the SQ Remote app for :smiley: free :smiley: when you buy the SQ Blaster. Once you add the SQ Blaster to your wi-fi network all the app features will unlock.

The app is pretty much invaluable if you have Vera and an iPhone (or Touch).

Once you have set it up, it will make home automation significantly more usable and ‘simple’.

Just some thoughts that may not occur to you when looking at the price tag:

You have to realize that in looking at the apps beautiful UI, there aren’t really many noticeable “stock” Apple controls. The carousel, pop-out tabs, and other features aren’t available to just drag into the app in Apple’s Interface Builder. Significant effort was put into the app to make it look and perform that beautifully.

This app is fully customizable, on the fly. That isn’t available in any other app for Vera control. The large selection of control styles and options really allows you to create a personalized UI. Other Vera apps may have much less customization and just use the stock Interface Builder set of controls, but still charge +$20 for the app. If you think of the app like buying 50 or more scene controllers, then it is a great value.

The offer to get the app free with the purchase of a Blaster is a great deal, because once you have added a Blaster SQ Remote becomes an all-encompassing control point for every controllable device you own, and you can’t put a $4.99 price on that (in fact people put a price in the $1000s on that kind of control every day).

I think the developers are thinking it takes time and a lot of work to build a quality app like this and they should get paid for it. This is the most creative solution I’ve seen and well worth the extra $9 over the other apps. They really take into account the user experience, the tabs are so important now that my network has grown. The Blaster does seem expensive but is well worth the money to support the app. I use IR repeaters to control multiple systems. S.Q has powerful demo where you can really experience the product before buying. I would like for them to keep growing the visual options like color choices, and for an iPad app but this is the best home automation app I’ve used and fun too.

We usually refrain from commenting on these questions, but I felt perhaps that we could put our side forward.

Good software is very expensive to make. We set out to make something that was as flexible as possible and what you see today was 2 years in the making. This development was full time and not an evening job… But part of the bigger development for our own product, the SQ Blaster.

Software on the iPhone that is enormously successful (such as “Angry Birds”) sell millions and can charge $.99 or whatever they do… And make a lot of money for what is a relatively simple app (although it is very ingenious… And yes I wish we were clever enough to have written it!)… Our passion is in home automation and remote control. The market for the products in this area a much smaller, and the Vera system is a small part of this much smaller market, characterized by early adopters. To make money on our investment we would need to charge many times what we currently do. However we cannot do that as we would sell nothing! Instead we try to find a balance between price and utility. if we were to make it$ 4.99 we would not get 5x the people using it, but our support costs (for supporting Vera users) would be that much higher.

It is a balancing act, and we hope to bring real value to the end user at a price that is fair.

Square Connect (John)