Correct procedure to remove plugin and its devices


I have 5 PLEG devices and I want to completely remove PLEG from system. I also want to remove Netatmo from Vera. What is the correct procedure? Remove plugin devices first and then uninstall plugin or can I directly uninstall plugin and it will automatically remove its devices?

Should I be aware of something else when deleting plugins?


I delete the plugin devices first, then uninstall the plugin.

However uninstalling a plugin does not remove its files from Vera, you will have to do that manually.

I use WinSCP and the root username and password to connect to my Vera hub and then in this folder /etc/cmh-ludl you need to manually delete any files associated with the plugin.

I don’t need to remove the files, I just want to stop the PLEG doing the calculations in its devices and for that the removal of devices and uninstalling it should be enough I suppose.

Or you could just remove all your conditions and save them as empty, that’s what I’ve just done whilst moving all my rules to Multi System Reactor.

I just copied all my condition names and their condition expressions to a text document so I have a record of them.

And if I want to remove Netatmo and Hue as well? Do I need to delete every single device created by those plugins, or can I simply just Uninstall plugins and devices will be deleted? In case of Netatmo and Hue I am talking about 50-70 single devices, so I wouldn’t like to delete ever single device manually :slight_smile:

I can’t say for sure, maybe someone else knows.

As I said I always deleted the devices first then uninstalled the plugin.

However I suspect if you uninstalled those plugins it will also remove their devices.

But you’ll have to try it I guess.

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When uninstalled, a plug-in takes all the created devices with it.


Not always. Some caution is needed here. If the devices are associated with the plugin, then yes, the devices will go when the plugin is uninstalled. But it is possible to create devices that use the plugin code but are not associated formally with the plugin.

The best way to tell is to go to the plugin under Apps > My Apps and look at the list of devices. Make sure that list is complete – account for every one. If not, you’ll need to manually delete any device that uses the plugin code but isn’t listed before uninstalling the plugin. Otherwise, those devices will cause startup errors in your system, and also not show in the UI, so you’ll have a tougher time getting rid of them.

The association between a device and a plugin is established not just by the device type, but also by the plugin attribute on the device. Any device can use the device type and implementation file of the plugin, but it is only associated with the plugin if the plugin attribute has the ID number of the plugin in it. It is easy to create a device without this link: any time you use the “Create device” under Apps > Develop apps, you are creating an unassociated device.