Copy Imperihome screen layouts and settings to another smartphone or pad

Currently I have 2 smartphones (for me and my wife) and one pad (in the house), that run Imperihome Pro.
Now I spent quite some time to make nice screen layouts with widgets and adapted icons on my own smartphone.
Is there a way to copy or export those settings to the other smartphone and the pad ?

just use the export configuration option.
works perfect.


Not as intuitive (particularly the import), so to save some time (that I spent learning this) -

Go to Settings - General Preferences in your source phone/tablet
Export configuration - pick what you want to export
You can send this by email, or in my case, to make it even simpler, just saved it in Google Drive

In your destination phone/tablet, all you have to do is open the file. If it opens up as text, you have to open with Imperihome Pro, and your settings are imported

Hope it helps!

Bookmarked. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks !