Cooper Aspire Products - Fully Supported?

I have fully z-waved my weekend home utilizing primarily Leviton products, and I’ve been very satisfied, with the possible exception of the look/feel of the Leviton dimmers - not a huge fan of the paddle switch style that sticks out (I’ve always liked my flat Lutron dimmers).

Now that I’m ready to z-wave my primary home, I’m looking at the Cooper Aspire line of products. I especially like the scene controller, because I essentially get six (6) scenes instead of four (4) with the Leviton. Yet I still don’t see Cooper Aspire on the list of supported z-wave devices. I’ve also seen a few, albeit old, postings about difficulties with Aspire devices and Vera.

So I’d like to poll the community again on this. Are there any Cooper Aspire users out there that can give me an idea of their functionality/reliability with Vera before I make this purchase decision?


Was hoping for some input from the community…

Hmm, @CMRancho’s name came to mind in relation to Cooper products.