Controlling the new fibaro fgd-212 with a ZME-05443-EX


I have a Vera 3 running with several fibaro FGD-211 dimming devices and several wall switches.

My setup is working verry good, and I have been operating the dimming devices with the wall switches associated trough my Vera 3.

However one off my FGD-211 broke down, and I had to replace it. It was replaced with a FGD-212, the dimming device from Fibaro. But I cant get the association to work. I can operate the dimming device from the UI panel, from the app on my phone, I even can operate it trough scenes. But the direct association I cant seem to figure out.

Anyone done this and are able to help me out please?

I think it has something to do with a parameter setting in the FGD-212, but I cant figure it out…

Ran into a similar problem. I have an old ACT module that I associated with a different dimmer but for some reason it just won’t co-operate with the replacing FGD-212.

Another FGD-212 WILL associate and control an FGD-212.

It might have something to do with the FGD-212 being a secure device?

may or may not help you but may help someone else - just been playing with this and think its because by default the 212 sends all associations as secure which some devices cant handle.

Full manual is here but I set configuration setting 27 to 0 ( 1byte hex) which means all associations are sent non secure and this way my fibaro RGBW and everspring plug worked fine.

other thing to note is that its association group 5 (4 may work too but didnt test that) you want to use rather than when you used to use group 2 with the old dimmers