Controlling scenes using second switch on dimmers

I am new to this forum and to home automation. I have searched the forum to find the answere, but it seems like the answere is different depending of what you want to do.

So here is my case number one. In my living room I have 3 sones with downlights each controlled by a Qubino dimmer connected to a local switch. Then I want to assosiate a scene to the i2 switch on one of the dimmers where this turns on the light on all 3 sones at 20% dimming. How can I do this with my Veraplus IU7 controller?

Case number 2. In my sons bedroom i have a Fibaro dimmer 2 connected to downlights. How can I assosiate a scene to the s2 switch on this dimmer where i dim the lights to 20% and then turns dem off after 1 hour?

On the fibaro dimmer i have manager to enable scenes, but how to configure them.

After some reading I found a way to get the S2 switch on the Fibaro to work.

I installed the PLEG plugin and after some testing I got the S2 switch to work on one of the dimmers.

However the problem I am facing now is that the options LastSceneID, LastSceneTime and sl_SceneActivated does not show when I want to add a second device to the Device Properties menu.

How can I fix this?