Controlling room temperature

Hello !

My home do not have one complete cooling solution like that used in USA.
I have one air conditioner in each room or bedroom.
this air conditioners here we call “splits” it do not have a port to integrate a termostat, it have their own internal termostat and I have access by remote control and I am thinking in use SQBLASTER to send the signal. Ate here is ok !!

but what I would like was install a Zwave termostat in the room… and can see in vera what temp is that room and maybe activate a scene to adjust the temp or even send a command to sqblaster unit to adjust.

All termostat I can see here in the forum is attached to a cooling machine unit ??? or is stand alone ?

exist some termostat to work stand alone monitoring the temp of an enviroment and sending this information to vera ?

thanks for helps

Your best option is probably using REMOTEC ZXT-120 z-wave to IR AC controllers.
They appear in Vera as a thermostat, and report the room temperature to Vera.
You would need one for each room.

If you just want to measure temperature and have Vera send something than all you need is a 3in1 (Light, Motion, Temperature) … they are battery operated.

Most of the Z-Wave thermostats require 24volts to power them (provided by a HOME HVAC system) … the internal batteries are only meant for battery backup during a power failure.

With the corresponding motion, you can have a larger setback temperature if the room
has not been used in the last 8HRs.

Richard, I understand your idea, and I have one Aeon 4 in 1 sensor running very well to turn a lamp and off based in movement.

but how can I have precise temperature and how many time will be updated to accuracy control.

my device controls too humidity and light, but I do not have a table with values, the unique information I understand is temp because degrees is in celsius.

now is indicanting 33 degrees on my kitchen but is not true…this temp probably is of another time.

thanks !

If you’re going to do this in a lot of rooms, it may be cheaper to use an RFXtrx module, the plugin, and a number of RF-based Temperature gauges (like one of the supported Oregon Scientific models)

At some point, the price will balance out… depending upon how many of these you intend to deploy into your house (and your region of the world)