Controller offline ??

I just installed a box Vera Plus
I access the dashboard with its IP address
When I click on Account it displays the page
It shows that my controller is offline
What is the problem ?
Thank you for your help

Louis Joly

Hello Louis,

I’m sorry to hear about this, would you please check my signature and contact our Customer Care team, so we can look at this ASAP?

We want to turn this into a delightful experience for you.

A priori everything is back in order
I noticed that when this happened the led “Service” was off
What is this led?
Thank you


I can’t access my controller via anymore
it says it is offline
I have rebooted the router, and taken the power off the controller
How do I access the controller again? - I don’t know how to get back in
Thanks for helping out, it is an urgent issue!

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about this. Try

If this doesn’t work out please reach our Customer Care team, they’d love to help.

Hi Sorin
Have already done that but no reply from them to date…
The service led is off. What does that mean?
Is it possible to connect to the device without internet, directly?

Service light blinking means that the controller can’t reach the cloud servers (it won’t be reachable from the portal also) but if the other lights are solid it means that the controller should be running. You should be able to reach your controller via its direct IP (pick it up from your router’s IP table).

I’ve also given a heads up to our CC team to pick this up ASAP.

the internet led is flashing fast - that means it is active right? - I have the IP address but can’t access it for some reason through my browser