Controller Offline except on mobile device on local WIFI??

I cannot connect to my vera plus on my computer, it always shows OFFLINE except on my iPhone Locally on wifi, then it shows the connection is ok and i can see my zwave devices, i have tried a 3 second reset with no success, i got a replacement Vera that i also connected and i can see that one ok, but i cannot backup my z wave network on my old vera plus since i can only connect on the iphone. GOIN CRAZY!! Some one please help!! I have tried connecting to the wifi (instead of ethernet) on my computer but still shows offline!

Have you attempted to Direct Connecting to your Vera unit using its Local IP on your Computer?

Same issue here. Any luck in finding a solution?

I had have my vera plus connected on WIFI and I had the same issues, it seems that every time the router changed wifi channel the vera network connection went crazy, I tried connecting it through ethernet and the same happened, the controller couldn’t establish an stable connection to the network sometimes it couldn’t be reached at all, other times it could be reached on local network only. To solve the issue, I had to connect to vera?s wifi directly (ssid and pass are printed in the bottom of the controller) and on Net & Wifi perform a Reset of default network settings then continue using the controller through ethernet and it has working fine.