Constant problems with timed events

I continue to have problems with timed events not completing - for instance, set a scene that when a switch is turned on, turn it off 20 minutes later. I come home and the switch is still on, probably half the time. If I set the wait duration to something very short (like <10 minutes), I have much less of an issue. I have gotten the impression from other posts that this is common. Is this true? I moved from Nexia to Vera to gain more control (code), but while it seems like I have more ability to do more specific conditions, I also lost a lot of reliability - I almost never had a problem with the complex scenes running on Nexia (I was just limited to what I could do).

If you search the forums, you’ll find this discussed. I explained this very issue to someone only a few days ago. The issue stems form the fact that if the Vera process restarts all references to running scenes are reset and your countdowns disappear. Since Vera can restart at any time from many reasons, it’s not a good idea to use delayed actions of longer than a few minutes.

You’re much better off using The Program Logic Event Generator(PLEG) plugin to do your count downs. PLEG logic will survive restarts.

Thank you for your reply. I had done some searches, but did not hit on my exact issue. I did notice that PLEG was heavily pushed for multiple reasons. I admit I was hesitant to jump into PLEG because I felt that what I was asking the unit to do was well within expected performance. But having installed PLEG and configured over 15 logic events already, I now see that PLEG was the way to go from the start.

Thank you for the suggestion.