Considering moving from mControl to a Vera3

I’ve had my mControl for a few years now and (unfortunately - never got to using it) purchased the security module to interface with my DSC. I assumed that zwave was included but now see that it is also an additional cost. While I’ve been somewhat satisfied with the mControl software and I do like the programming logic for the scheduling and lighting… it was a real pain to setup and the upgrades were messy and the Insteon status’ are only about 60-70% correct most of the time. The mControl support is almost non-existent.

I’m also sick of having to administer the server and dealing with dynamic IP registration, etc.

I was considering adding the zwave module for mControl but maybe my money is better spent on a Vera3 and migrating everything over to it. If I had not already purchased the security module, the monetary decision would have been easier. I wanted to know if there are mControl users who have moved over and what the recommendation would be from an mControl point of view. Thanks in advance!


I made the move 2 years ago and have never looked back. Mcontrol is terrible at adding new product support and their customer support is horrible. What i still use the interface for windows media center which works through the vera.

I could not be happier that i made the switch. My only regret is that i spent the money on mcontrol in the first place.