Connecting Alarm with Fibaro Universal Sensor?

I’m hoping someone can provide some guidance on how to connect the Fibaro Universal Sensor. It’s got so many wires/inputs/outputs, I’m getting a little lost.

Here is what I’m trying to accomplish - I want to be able to arm/disarm my alarm from Vera. Additionally, I want to be able to know the state of the Alarm from Vera (armed/disarmed).

I have the appropriate wires from my alarm system (e.g. a pair that needs to be closed to arm and opened to disarm), but not sure what to connect where in the Binary Sensor. Specifically, what do I attach to the Out 1/Out 2 of the Fibaro? What do I attach to the IN1, IN2 of the Fibaro?

A photo/diagram would be awesome, but any guidance from someone who has done this would be really helpful. The Fibaro docs all show a motion sensor, which isn’t part of my setup.

thanks in advance!

I have just got one of these and currently setting it up, it can only report from it’s inputs/outputs, so you cannot send commands to it for setting/unsetting of the alarm.

I am trying to get it to show me when its set or unset and also if the alarm activates, still lots to learn & play with!

This is exactly what I intended to do 2 years ago, but the Uni sensor isn’t the right tool for the job:

The outputs of the Uni sensor just follow the inputs (I think you may be able to add a delay, or invert; but you can’t control the outputs from Vera).

I ended up using the Uni sensor to sense Armed/Disarmed and Stay/Unstay and a seperate dual relay to actually Arm.

As an aside I also tried to use a Fibaro RGBW switch to (configured as 4x analogue inputs) to sense the individual zone states, but it didn’t work, as the inputs loaded the zone circuits & the alarm considered it was Tampered. (I have an older Crowe system).

On the whole, if I weren’t so lazy, I’d replace the panel with a DSC1864 and an EVL-3. The price of the keypads is a downer, but it would cost more in sensors to instrument the existing alarm.