connect vera edge to internet via Wifi?


I’m looking for an way to connect my vera edge to my router via wifi, to be near the zwave units.

any idea how?

because VE has an wifi, but i think is only as AP. i’m looking for an wifi client instead of connecting via the ethernet.


While this is likely to be a feature in future firmware releases, it does not presently exist. You may be able to manually configure the underlying openWRT Linux OS to do it, but I wouldn’t recommend going to the trouble unless you are already well experienced with this.

Until the feature is released by Vera Ltd., your best option is to run an ethernet cable or use a WiFi bridge such as the TP-LINK TL-WR702N Wireless N150 Travel Router, Nano Size, Router/AP/Client/Bridge/Repeater Modes works, as does the Ubiquiti AirRouter 802.11g/n.

Actually i have an WL-330N - ASUS portable router, that does it (wifi->ethernet). but i was looking for an more permanent solution as i use that asus on some other occasions.

i was looking for something more user friendly, like menus in the dashboard. don’t want to enter into deep hack tuning. at least not on the beginning.