Configuring Vera3 as an Alarm

Hi All,

Warning: Newbie, still getting my bearings.

I’ve configure my door sensors when armed and tripped they start the strobe on my Vision Siren however when the door is closed (armed and untripped) the strobe turns off. What I’m I doing wrong?

I have a Vera 3 with the current version of firmware running UI7.


Are you using PLEG or scenes? If you are scenes, there is your first problem.

UI7 or UI5?

Please screenshot or paste your configurations.

I’m using scenes and yes, its UI7. I’m guessing by your comment I should be use PLEG.

PLEG is pretty much needed to do anything useful with the Vera. The built in scene editor is a joke and I can’t see who would benefit from it aside from the most absolute basic scenes. PLEG doesn’t work on UI7 so I had to downgrade to UI5 last week, never been happier. UI7 is a piece of garbage.