Configuring generic IP-cam manually

I think it is very anoying that I have to wait 6 min. before I can chose to configure my camera manually. Furthermore if I can’t seem to configure the camera right, regarding the snapshot-path, the new GUI won’t let me create the camera and edit the advanced setting afterwords - WHY?

Yeah, I hate too this new UI7 wizard to add camera :frowning:

Try a variation of this:,37954.msg289029.html#msg289029

Just use a different Implementation file to match your camera model.

Agreed. Very annoying and time-consuming. Especially if you have multiple cameras to set up.

HINT: I used the Chrome developer tools to unhide the “manual” button so I could click it early, but I shouldn’t have to.

Also, Table of cameras found should be sortable or pre-sorted by IP address. Would make it much more user friendly.