Configuring Aeon D/W sensors

Hi All,

I’ve searched all the forums and tried many different suggestions but to no avail. I have 2 garage doors and 1 gate. All are controlled by a Linear Z Wave relay. The sensors are Aeon. I have no issue with the relay’s communicating to the Vera Lite, however, I can’t get consistent communication with the D/W sensors. I’ve tried several heals, tried manual routing through the relay and a close thermostat - still no luck. Any suggestions?

Thanks is advance.

Does anyone have any suggestions or is it just impossible to do. Please help…


I was finally able to get one of my four sensors to pair tonight. I had to work on them for about an hour until I found this site.

Good luck!

Joe - thanks for the response. I am able to get them paired, the problem is range. Even though they are in the same proximity of other modules, they lose communications. My question is how to correct those issues - manual routing as an example. I have experimented with manual routing but have had not success.