Condition after another condition (update from thread about beta)

Hi, I’ve had finally opportunity to test the logic discussed in the thread about 3.5 beta.
It was about cascading conditions, where the 2nd condition goes true only after the 1st one was true within certain time, but regardless if the 1st one is still true or not.

I’ve tested it for two geofences, for which I have two reactor sensors established: one is activated when geofence 2 is entered after entering geofence 1, the second one exactly other way around.

And there is what I don’t understand: it seems that in one case the logic was triggered correctly: I see that group went “false” at the same time when second geofence went false (I assume that it was true just before that time, then).
For the other sensor, I see that the group status is false since december, which means that entering geofence was ignored.

But as I said, the setup in both cases is exactly the same (see screenshots), only the order changes:

Working one:

Not working one: