Completely starting over... how??

So I started playing with my VeraLite3 and Schlage locks yesterday, going through the Vera documentation walk throughs on including and setting up devices. I messed up a few times and now my only device added is listed as Device #3, plus there is phantom “#2_Scene_Controller” listed in the Alerts section (no doubt from when I was poking around the tabs). I tried to doing a z-wave network reset and a factory default reset, yet the lock#3 was still showing up (but Red now). I went downstairs, tried excluding it and re adding it, which worked, but now it’s device #4. I still see the #2_Scene_controller in the Alerts pull down filter.

It’s not really clear which pieces of information are being stored in the Vera and which are being stored on the Mios website? An actual diagram showing the information architecture and data flow would be helpful, it it exists.

My question is really simply, yet the Vera documentation is all over the place and not straightforward. How do I start over completely clean, so that the first device I add will be #1 and all the old remnants of my experimentation gone?


Complete reset and begin anew.

Rest Z-Wave Network
Factory Reset = Setup → Backup → Restore to factory defaults
Power Cycle
Clear Browser Cache

Begin anew.

The phantom device you are referring to #2_Scene_Controller is normal. This is part of vera. In order to start fresh you need to make sure you also reset the zwave controller. Otherwise your paired devices will get pulled into vera as they ate stored into the zwave chip.

  • Garrett

Thanks guys. I finally remembered from some previous readings on the forums here what the default scene controller is for, thanks for confirming.

I’ll follow your sequence Z-waver, and remember to reset the zwave chip Garrett.

I think the thing that is really throwing me off is the sloppy implementation of the http server to client interface. Seems like you have to constantly refresh the browser and clear cache in order to know what you are looking at on the screen is real/up-to-date. I work for a major website and we go through painstaking measures to make sure our various properties and apps function correctly in different browsers and OSes. Hopefully this mythical UI6 or 7(?) will be better :slight_smile:

Went through all the steps, made sure to unenroll the lock first. Interface and logs come up clean now, only showing #2_scene_controller. (I’m assuming the Vera or its zwave transceiver is device #1 in the scheme of things).

Thanks again guys and have a happy holiday.