Communication Error 2

New to Vera. I have set up some devices in a pretty large haouse & am having communication errors, even with a range extender. I am looking at installing a 4 port bridge so I can move the Vera Lite controller to a better location, but this situation raises a question in my mind that I don’t know the answer to.

I am controlling some ventilators with a motion sensor. They are supposed to turn on when the motion sensor is tripped, and turn off 24 hrs. later. The problem is this intermittent signal loss. I’m wondering if there is a way for the system to recognize that the communication didn’t get through and keep trying until the scene completes? I guess the other way to handle it would be to have multiple, duplicate scenes. Say, trigger the event 3 times over an hour, or whatever, to increase the chance of the signal getting through?

With a normal Z-Wave device, when you initiate an action Vera sets the Target variable and then sends the command to the network. When the device responds, Vera sets the Status variable. So, if the command got lost, the Status variable will be different to the Target variable. This would allow you to check for lost commands and resend them. It does require Lua code, though.

It may be simpler just to resend each command a few times with delayed scene actions.