Coming into the light....UI5

I bought my vera 2 about two years ago, set it up and it worked like a dream since the I’ve added and added to the network but noticed that its auto updates never took it past UI4. I’ve of course watched as people have had various things to say about UI5 from disasters to the more positive.

For whatever reason today I saw a link re the recent UI5 upgrade and decided to press it, something if a nervous moment I have to say as I have seen people have issues with bricking etc.

So far I wanted to say thanks and a job well done to the MCV team, I can’t honestly believe how much has changed in the UI from the version I was in and some of the beta features really look like the future is coming. I know that this is a place where people give the product a hard time because this is where people who push things hard to develope hang out, but I thought it worth taking the time to say job well done.

I gues I’ve noticed it more going from UI4 to the latest version in one go, it’s like a whole new product, what is nice is finally being able to see a proper app section with apps in there I’m looking forward to using.

Lots of people talk about other options and I too keep an eye on those but if vera confines to work without a fault the I’m happy, actually I should correct that as three weeks ago for the first time in two years I noticed vera had not triggered some tasks and I had to reset her. Once in two years, I can live with that.

A great product that I’m glad I found!.