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Deleted [unwittingly] Day or Night App because clicking on scenes under it didn’t show anything tied to it and it seemed to use the feature set built into UI7 anyways; however, I had some Combination Switches [virtual] tied to scenes that used Day or Night as one of two necessary ingredients [sensor trips being the other] to cause lights to illuminate. I added it back in, but now having trouble getting lights to come back on. I was simply going to recreate the items once again, but noticed that combination switch seems to be “stuck” [see pic] whereas none of the other apps are.

I am hoping to not have delete combination switch app, add it back, recreate all items and then the requisite scenes, but after 5+ minutes it is still :
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Did you try to recover from a backup ?

My WAG is that the plugin is hanging because it is trying to get the status of the old Day or Night device which now doesn’t exist. You might be able to get it going again by delving into the Combination Switch’s variables and editing the one that refers to the now-missing device. Put the new device id in, then restart Luup.

If you’re not sure which variable to change, post a screenshot of the variables page for the switch and I can point it out to you.

We will see if things start working tonite. You were dead on! 2 of my 3 scenes with combination switch referred to a dayornight with an incorrect id. ID changed under advanced variable section under UI7 and triple checked to make sure it actually saved. Should be good to go tonite.

Tying into this is a sensor I could use some help with if you have any thoughts.
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