Combination Of Triggers In Scene Scripting? (Device Trigger + Schedule Restrictions)

Under UI7 is it possible to add a combination of triggers for one scene? For example a device trigger with a schedule trigger?

I have a dimmer light in my mud room that I want to turn on for 30 seconds when the basement door is opened but only during the hours of darkness, then shut itself off. With the scene scripting I’ve been able to set the scene up successfully, but I can only set the time restriction to specific hours (i.e.: between 7pm and 6am)… but obviously sunrise and sunset hours change over time. I’ve found I can fire the scene based on a schedule trigger for sunset rather than a device trigger, but that would eliminate the ability of the scene to only fire when the basement door is opened.

Can I combine the sunrise/sunset restrictions with the device trigger??

I’ll say it before everyone else does… Use PLEG to create scenes that use multiple conditions in ‘AND’ combination.
You can do it without PLEG and use Lua coding in scenes, but it’s more difficult.

Ok, thanks I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t an option still built into UI7 that I was missing. I’ve had some limited experience with PLEG (purchased a license) so I’ll have to mess around with it some more for this new scene.