Code Scheduling along with firmware update

Does anyone have any idea when we can expect a firmware update?

With Spring Break approaching, it is time for crazy rental and I am hopeful that code scheduling will be working by then.



I have a VERA2 UI4 (1.1.1062) and recently added a Kwikset deadbolt, and I see that code scheduling is working properly on my setup. Let me explain what I understand as code scheduling to see if we are talking about the same thing:

  • code1 (ABDCE) → works all the time
  • code 2 (HIJKLM) → works weekdays from time a until time B
  • code 3 (VWXYZ) → only works one day a week from time A until time B

That is the kind of setup I currently have, and it is working properly; like i said, I only added the Kwikset deadbolt about 2 months ago, so I will keep my fingers crossed to make sure it keeps on working properly.

By the OP I think he is reffering to schlage locks!
My assumption is yes.
what version of the firmware are you using?

there have been some rumblings from MCV that an update is coming soon, but I have no personal knowlege of same

I am using 1.1.1047

I have been told that I could go back to an older version, however, I am not ready to do that. Naturally, I would NEVER have done the upgrade if I knew that I was going to lose my main feature (total door control).

I have asked MCV about scheduling and I was assured that it would be in the next update, however, nobody can tell me when it will happen.

The update to fix the scheduling has been scheduled for 2011 ;D

Any chance it will happen in the 1st quarter of 2011???

OK serious head back on

I hope so! In recent weeks MCV has been pretty committed to fixing lots of bugs… and there were some nasty ones (just ask @JOD). I know they are also pretty desperate to get an update out, but at the same time also very concerned that they wont introduce something worse than 1.1.1047, where most of the issues you could live with for a while if you had to!