Cloning an (LCD) 45601 to another 45601 or to a (non-LCD) 45600

It’s fairly easy to replicate all settings from one 45601 to another (both secondary controllers). Say for instance you want a clone upstairs just like the one you have downstairs…

First: Be sure you have both Controllers added to your Z-Wave system before you start. Then:

[b]SENDING 45601[/b]: (from a working one you want to clone)
Setup (press and hold) / Transfer / Secondary / All / OK

[b]RECEIVING 45601[/b]: (to a messed up or empty one)
Setup (press and hold) / Transfer / Receive 

That’s it.

You can replicate to as many spare 45601s you like; and if you mess one up, you can even replicate back and forth. Any can SEND or RECEIVE-- as long as they’re all secondary controllers.

Pretty nifty.

I mess with settings sometimes and mess things up, then grab one of my working remotes, and just RECEIVE back all the good settings. Conversely, if you mess with settings and figure out some nifty new add, use your “updated” controller to SEND the update to all your other remotes.

45601 → 45600 too:
You can also replicate a 45601 [LCD type] to a 45600 [non-LCD type] too, but it is sometimes inconsistent and may take a few tries to succeed. Be sure you kick off the 45600 RECEIVING first before you SEND from 45601. That should shorten your frustrations.

(Note that it’s not as simple to transfer FROM the 45600 TO the 45601 … but then, why would you want to do that!? Just let the non-LCD ones be “throw-away” rebuilt configs over and over… not masters. : )

As usual: Make sure both remotes are already added successfully to your Z-Wave system before continuing.

Turn on the Receiving one FIRST…

[b]RECEIVING 45600:[/b] [non-LCD one] (to a messed up, incomplete, or empty one)
Setup (press and hold til both lights blink) / Press 9 - 6 - 7 / green blinks

[b]SENDING 45601: [/b][LCD one] (from a working one you want to clone)
Setup (press and hold) / Transfer / Secondary / All / OK 

Transmission will continue until all is received.

  • 45600 - blinks green twice
  • 45601 - says SUCCESS

You’ll now have a clone of your original, but with no LCD screen. Cool, eh?
And as others have said: the non-LCD versions are often $3-10 on sale…

Nice write-up. I found the 45601 at BestBuy for $18.99 including free shipping, which seems to be the best price currently available.