Clone or duplicate a ge z wave switch ?

Hello everyone!

Just starting out with my Vera lite. My front room has 4 sets of can lights.each set is controlled by different switches. Is there a way to set it up where I can control both sets with one setting on my Vera light? The switch for the lights are no where near each other. I have two GE z wave switches installed on both sets.

Thanks for looking.

A Vera scene can control any or all of your switches at the same time so you could create a scene for all-on and another for all-off. You could set up triggers for these scenes from any or all of the switches.

See Creating Scenes.

Thank you for the reply! I will look at the thread you suggested.

As @RexBeckett explains, scenes allow you to control multiple devices. But I have a feeling that you are asking for a way to control all of your lights with the flip of a single wall switch. This is also possible, but is problematic with GE switches.

If you wish to have a single switch(any of them) control all of the lights, you will still want to use one of two scene techniques. Unfortunately both techniques use the term scene even though the types of scenes are completely different.

Option 1: Vera Scene
Here you create a scene within Vera that controls all of the lights together. You then use the activation of any of your switches as a trigger to run the scene and turn on the rest of the lights. This will work with your present setup. However, due to the GE switch’s lack of a feature called Instant Status, it may take Vera up to about a minute to realize that the switch has been turned on and then turn on the remaining lights. If the switch is close to Vera and is able to speak to Vera directly, the delay may not occur. If it is delayed, the only way to resolve the issue is to use a switch that support Instant Status.

Option 2: Switch Scene
Some switches, other than GE switches, are Scene Capable or Scene Controllers. This switches can control other Z-Wave devices like switches directly through something called associations. When you create associations(switch scenes) with these switches activating the switch will also activate the associated switches, even without Vera’s presence.

Switches that support both Instant Status and scene capability include:
Leviton VRS15-1LZ Scene Capable Switch
Cooper RF9501AW Aspire Single-Pole Light Switch